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For a limited time only BuyaBiz is offering the "Charter Broker Program". We are looking for a limited number of successful brokers who want to help us shape the future of the broker listings industry. Unlike other sites out there that drag you in and change the price on you, we are offering a limited FREE LIFETIME "Standard Broker" membership to qualified brokers who sign up during our initial months of service.

To qualify, you must be a licensed broker with 10 or more active listings on the date of activation. BuyaBiz will import your listings (which are in electronic format), at no cost to you. You will be upgraded to the "Premium Broker" Membership upon signing up and will enjoy 3 months of "Premium Broker" services so you can kick the tires and see just how cool our listings marketing and management system is.  After the initial trial period, you will be given the option to keep the "Premium Broker" membership for only the difference between the basic and premium membership cost or you can continue using our system on the "Standard Broker" program at no monthly cost to you!  (a $350 per year value)

What are you waiting for?  How often do you get to advertise for free?   Fill out the application below and a Team BuyaBiz representative will process your order and get in touch with you within 24 hours!