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      John Small VR Business Brokers - San Antonio, TX San Antonio, Texas (210) 688-4813

      William Park VR Business Brokers - Artesia, CA Artesia, California (562) 402-2686

      Steven Denny ABN LLC O'Fallon, Missouri 636-561-8150

      Alam Qureshi ProClient Realty Inc. Milton, Other Country 416-364-5550

      Gary Hallett Gateway Business Advisors Jacksonville Beach, Florida 9043729157

      Kori Langlie Transact Capital Richmond, Virginia 804-323-6868

      Aaron Comeaux

      Teija Heikkila National Kennel Sales Glade Park, Colorado 877.690.3647

      Pablo Langesfeld Transworld Business Brokers Miami, Florida 305 405 8142

      Bruce Miller Bruce Miller Senior Business Broker RIDGE, New York 516-319-2282
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