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Welcome to, a unique yet powerful website which works for the business broker who is looking for an online marketing partner; not another competitor.  We are here to promote and market you and your listings in order to help attract potential qualified buyers.  We’re not just saying this – we’re proving it.  Less than 12 months after our July 2012 launch of, we were on page 1 Google results in over 40 markets.  With our stunning success in an over saturated search engine marketplace, this can only mean one thing.  We mean business! 

Our mission at BuyaBiz is to connect prospective buyers with you and your listings.  We do not allow FSBO listings, nor do we directly promote franchisors on this site.  We will never conduct direct marketing to potential buyers, never conduct marketing campaigns to potential sellers, and never sell information or clutter our site with third party unrelated ads.  BuyaBiz is owned by a team of high-tech entrepreneurs who have been in Internet business for over 20 years.  We own our own cloud infrastructure and are 100% made in America.

BuyaBiz provides multiple quality solutions to brokers who are looking to get the ultimate technical and marketing edge.  Consolidate your work by using our full suite of business listings management tools.   For starters you can:

  • Enter your listings to be marketed on BuyaBiz
  • Manage your listings with our BrokerEase Listings Management System
  • Set your listings to automatically publish or expire on preconfigured dates
  • Use our listings feed system to publish your listings automatically on your own website!
  • Use pre-designed modules to display your listings on popular CMS systems (DNN, Wordpress and more)
  • New and updated listings automatically fed to your Twitter account
  • Don’t have a website?  We’ll create one for you and link your listings too!
  • Need a simple to use CRM system to keep up with your contacts/notes?  Already built in!
  • Need Comps?  Have that too.
  • Need CBRs?   Yup, you guessed it!  We provide those as well.
  • Have a request?  We can do those too.

BuyaBiz is here to partner with you, the business broker.  With our advanced database technology and over 10 years’ experience working with business brokers we can help you streamline your technology and marketing tasks without blowing up your budget.  Contact us today for additional information or sign up now!


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BuyaBiz is looking for a few good business brokers.  Do you have what it takes?  Are you ready to get a real marketing partner on your side?  Get some free advertising in the process?   Click the link below to start your subscription.  Once approved, you'll be ready to go!